What is a 100s writing group?

A group of people who make a commitment to write at a regular cadence. To reduce the overhead of showing up regularly, the commitment is quite small. We rotate through the group and each day a different person is required to write at least 100 words. We could structure this so that the writing builds on itself, like a shared story, or that each rotation holds a new short-form prompt. (I learned about this because of the work of Kim TallBear).

I’m not sure if I will fit in with this group 😮‍💨

I’d love for this to be co-created! Anyone who signs up is bringing their distinct energy and perspective to the collective. That means you can write fiction, non-fiction, or a blend. You can write about what you know or you can speculate. All we look for is participation.

Okay, what does the exact commitment look like?

In the spirit of co-creation, I’m proposing just one idea.

This is super interesting, but I’m afraid I won’t be accountable to this.

I definitely want to prioritize creating this group with those who are willing to make a commitment for at least 1 month, to see what’s possible. I imagine a couple of ways we can do this:

  1. We all decide how often we can write (aka I will only be able to write my 100 every four days, which means we need 4 people in the group to proceed)
  2. We all put $ in a pot, to be returned if we stay accountable to the commitment

I do not prefer this option tbh due to the varied ways in which we all value the same dollar, but I’m throwing it out there to spark creativity

  1. Add your own!

Okay, I’m in. How do I sign up?

Name Email (or email me if you don’t want to share) What is the minimum number of people this group needs for your participation? (3-14)
Rishi [email protected] 3
Kat 7
Malorie [email protected] 3
Manoj [email protected] 5
Bianca 7
Noora [email protected]
Kamille 7